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“It was extremely happy with the therapy I received from Paul Doble. I went in with low expectations, hoping that at least just talking about my issues, had to have some kind of positive effect. After a few weeks meeting up I had a breakthrough. The talking through things had a huge effect, far bigger than I expected. The pace of therapy was always at a speed that I controlled and felt relaxed at all times. I would definitely recommend Paul.”  Marsha (real name witheld)

 "I met with Paul when I was struggling to cope in various areas of my life. It was such a positive decision and I can not recommend enough how helpful it is to talk openly in a safe, impartial and non judgemental environment. I learned so much about myself and how to cope with issues I was dealing with. I saw Paul weekly for several months and I still refer to things I learned in our sessions in my daily life now". Greg  (real name witheld)

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